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My name is Shanie L. Gaudet, D.PSc, CBCP 

I'm a certified Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner
and Wellness Advocate for doTERRA's essential oils 

I've been able to help pets both in person and remotely

The advantages of Energy Medicine with animals is the ability to be able to determine imbalances that may not be able to be determined through medical testing. Since your pet does not have a voice to tell us what they may be experiencing both physically & emotionally, this method is very effective. 
Their subconscious mind is like a hard drive on a computer and knows everything about one's body and what is best for it. 
I'm able to connect with your pet's subconscious mind and ask yes or no questions, through muscle testing (applied kinesiology), to determine what imbalances they have, then correct them energetically. Animals respond very well to Energy Medicine.

Any Emotional or Physical imbalance for your pet can be addressed with the Body Code and here are some examples:
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • depression
  • loss of vitality
  • endocrine system
  • sprains 
  • Heart-Wall
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Body Code Initial Evaluations
are being offered for your pets
at this time!

An Initial Evaluation will include: the percentage of the total capability of what your immune system is functioning at, the percentage of brain messages that are reaching organs & glands intact, the percentage of Heart messages that are reaching body tissues intact (will indicate if you have a Heart-Wall), and pathogen energies (viral, fungal, parasitic, bacterial, mold), any toxicity energies (heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, etc.), any nutritional needs that need to be determined, organs or glands that are imbalanced, your vibrational frequency level on a scale of 0-1000 and recommendation on the type & estimated number of sessions that their body would benefit from receiving, before another evaluation. 

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 Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions 

The sessions provided should not be accepted for professional advice or treatment. All sessions will be presented in good faith. The accuracy, validity,effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any session herein cannot be guaranteed. We strongly advise that you seek medical advice from your medical practitioner as appropriate before making any health decisions. The information provided with sessions is not a substitute for medical care, diagnosis or treatment. Sessions should not be considered as a replacement for consultation with a health care professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your health care provider. Quantum Wellness makes no claims regarding healing or recovery from any illness. In approximately 20% of sessions, the release of trapped emotion(s) or other energy(s) may result in "processing," where echoes of the emotion(s) or other energy(s) released may manifest in temporary physical or emotional discomfort, and that this "processing" appears to be a normal part of regaining energetic balance. Any suggestions regarding supplementation of any kind, such as vitamins, minerals, herbal preparation, or any compounds or any other external remedy of any kind, that you use or ingest any such at your own risk, with the recommendation that you seek the advice of a physician before using any remedy suggested. By submitting this disclaimer, you consent, in the event of a dispute or disagreement, that you understand the contents of this disclaimer and that Quantum Wellness accepts no responsibility or liability for both the use of the information provided and information provided with sessions. I agree to have my PMA Health Care Provider, Shanie L. Gaudet, register me with the PMA's Member Share Agreement, in which your email information will not be shared.


ANIMAL CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: Anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviors, paw licking, fearfulness - Recommended 2 Animal Body Code Sessions

Hi Shanie,
Thank you for Sienna's session. She is definitely a less fearful and braver girl. We had an awful storm last night as an Antarctic front moved through with thunder, lightning, rain and hail. She only growled when the neighbour's dog barked. She was responding to him and not the storm :-) So much calmer now which is wonderful. Thank you.
Much Light, Love and Blessings, R.D (from Australia)

ANIMAL CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: AGGRESSION & ARTHRITIS - Recommended 3 Animal Body Code Sessions

Vika seems to be mellowing a little and she is now jumping into the back of the car which she hasn't done for a while. Dorothy xx (from the UK)
Since a few days after you have started to work on Samy energetically, he stopped having seizures and as of today (about 2 months later) has not had another seizure anymore. I am so grateful and happy to have my old Samy back. He behaves like a young kitten, although he is 13 years of age now.  And he is very affectionate, as if he wants to thank me for helping him through Shanie. Thank you for everything you are doing for mankind and animals.



(1st update) His limping has lessened and he is more active outdoors and back barking as if he is young again, thank you so much.
(2nd update) I noticed a change to "Boxx", that he is a lot more active and looks healthier too.



I work with animal rescue and recently helped remove over 100 sick, starving, traumatized dogs and cats from the hands of a hoarder. Every animal had been suffering in a crate, in the dark, surrounded by his or her own feces and urine, for a year. A pile of skeletons was found in the back yard. One little poodle couldn’t close her mouth because of such horrid gum disease. Shanie not only helped me get through the nightmare of the smell and the pictures in my mind, but also several of the animals who were suffering so much I thought they might die. A chihuahua who had no hair left due to stress and starvation had lost the will to live. A cat who was giving up….even a donkey and a Belgian mare! All animals are reported to be springing back and learning to enjoy life again! They went from the most serious cases to on the road to recovery, thanks to Shanie! Shanie even picked up on an issue with my neck that causes painful stress related headaches that I never told her about and even though I expected one, I never got one of those painful headaches! When I thanked Shanie, she told me she had tears of joy at the realization she had helped not only me but animals who had given up on life. Thank you Shanie, you are a precious gift to the planet, I will never be able to express my gratitude in words!

Sue R


Shanie helped with one of our horses, at one point we didn't think he would recover from his injuries. Shanie was able to help heal him both with the trauma on the inside and outside. I truly believe he lost the will to live and she worked on him for weeks, and now "Money" is fully recovered and holds his head up high! Thank you so much for all you do!

Francesca W.

Essential Oil Evaluations
An Initial Evaluation will include testing of which essential oil(s) your body would benefit from receiving, depending on which of the 4 options you choose below:

EMOTIONAL ISSUES (ex. anger, heartache, fear, low self-esteem, etc.)

PHYSICAL ISSUES (ex. pain, sores, acne, scars, etc.)
ILLNESSES (ex. PTSD, fibromyalgia, depression, etc.)
MOST BENEFICIAL (the oil(s) that your body would benefit from receiving the most, at this time)
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