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 Read some of the testimonials that were sent to me below!

Veteran's  PTSD Clearing Testimonials
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ANIMAL CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: Anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviors, paw licking, fearfulness - Recommended 2 Animal Body Code Sessions

Hi Shanie,
Thank you for Sienna's session. She is definitely a less fearful and braver girl. We had an awful storm last night as an Antarctic front moved through with thunder, lightning, rain and hail. She only growled when the neighbour's dog barked. She was responding to him and not the storm :-) So much calmer now which is wonderful. Thank you.
Much Light, Love and Blessings, R.D (from Australia)

CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: Severe multiple sclerosis, paralyzed on left side, depression - Recommended 4 Body Code Sessions

Update from his sister after 4th Session: 
Hi Shanie

Thank you so much for doing sessions on my brother, the update on him is 
that his infection cleared and they started his chemo yesterday. He has 
regained movements in his left arm and hand,and there is no stiffness in any 
part of his body though he sometimes complain about pain in his neck. The major 
problem with him at the moment is his Speech. It is very low volume and slurry 
and the other issue is his swallowing,he can swallow the solid food but when he 
drinks water he starts coughing. So please can you do another session on him on 
Sunday on these and also that he can handle this chemo treatment without any 
side effects.

Thanks once again

Update from his sister after the 5th Session:
Hi Shanie

Here is quite an encouraging update on my brother, his speech has 
improved quite a bit,his neck is holding pretty strong,his left arm and hand 
are functioning nearly normal he is able to sit on the chair straight holding 
on to the chair with this arm for about 20 mins and his episode of pain are 
very rare.

N.Z. (from the UK)


Dear Shanie,
I am so very grateful for all of your work and persistence. What a true God-send you have been in my life! If it was not for you steadily working through all of my stuck energy and releasing me of this baggage I would still be feeling like the wounded soul I was. I knew my vibrational level was much higher than the start but the actual number was a bit of a surprise, albeit a delightful one! Your diligence and attention to detail has surpassed all my expectations (and they were fairly high to begin with) and the end result is far freer than I ever dreamed I could feel. Friends and family are now noticing the difference and I am not afraid anymore to tell them what I have been participating in. I think the world needs to know about this although I do understand the world may not be entirely ready for it :-)
I look forward to my next session on the 9th and intend to keep this up as a maintenance. I do not want to start accumulating anymore baggage.
My love and blessing to you Shanie. May all the love and care you give be returned to you tenfold!
Have a brilliant week!

BTW - last month, when the annual pay rise came around at work I actually challenged my boss on the grounds they were not paying me for the job I was already doing. Result 8.6% increase and changed my job title to Payroll Manager instead of Payroll officer. I would never have been brave enough to do this ever before now. My self-esteem is improving out of wanting to be treated fairly and not allowing myself to be walked all over any more. I owe this all to you Shanie. You helped me release much guilt, shame and humiliation. Without your help I would not have come this far and I am forever grateful. Thank you!

Light and Love R.D. xxx (from Australia)

CLIENT'S UPDATE: Veteran who received a PTSD Clearing

Hi, I was helped by you in 2013 and would like to update you on what has happened since my last communication with you. On December 4th 2013, I stopped using pain meds after 20 years...also the ADHD meds given to me for 5 years to offset the side effects of the narcotics.



As much as I am amazed and impressed with all the Body Code has been doing to improve my physical and emotional health, I am even more amazed and impressed by what kind of person Shanie is.  She has an ENORMOUS heart!  I have had many sessions with her, and she is consistently loving, always encouraging, deeply compassionate, and extraordinarily generous.  Some people in life are merely polished professionals, but I am thoroughly convinced that Shanie's kindness has a sincerity and genuineness that goes way beyond mere professionalism.  I feel that her every word has a deep sincerity to it.  Shanie is very precise and highly knowledgeable about this work.  She will persevere with you through the ups and downs of your healing process.  Whether or not you work directly with her on the phone, or just remotely, know that her intention is to replace every negative energy with unconditional love.  I believe that the love she exudes provides an aspect of healing that even the Body Code is not able to provide!  I love her and am so thankful to have met her.


CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: Occasional depression, sense of lovelessness at times & hypersensitive to being attacked by people - Recommended 1 Body Code & a Heart-Wall Clearing, first

Hi Shanie,

Thanks for all your good work. I feel great and have noticed an incredible shift in my inner and outer worlds. I have been travelling the last 5 weeks and I have had just the most fantastic trip! I can see the effects of the heart wall clearing very obviously. I have been open to meeting lots of lovely new people and feel like my vibration is liberating others around me too. I have had an incredible amount of attention and affection towards me also..I feel like my attitudes to intimacy have been resolved and less frigid, or like negative dirty energy and thoughts around intimacy have been removed too, probably as i am not so much on guard about getting hurt. I have also noticed a great change in peoples energy towards me. I feel the shifts within myself and the healing that has taken place, has also allowed others around me to be more loving, respectful & sensitive. I have met so many lovely men since our sessions and am now at greater ease and really more able to enjoy their company and I feel more respected and more in my feminine power. Usually, there would be love interests, but something about me would eventually 'scare' them off.. the old residue of the past I think. Or i was just afraid of getting involved with anyone. 

I feel much more confident about having a loving relationship and i feel like this will come about very soon naturally, without any desperation, doubt or dependency. 

Thank you again Shanie. 

With love and light, 
S.C. (from Australia)

CLIENT'S UPDATE after 14 VFL SESSIONS: Received all recommended Emotion & Body Code Sessions and has been receiving VFL Sessions

Greetings Dear Shanie!

     In my last testimonial (you may CLICK HERE to read her last testimonial) to you and your adoring readers, I left off with the completion of my last Body Code Session, and was awaiting my Body Code Re-Evaluation dated July 15, 2013.  You did that, and here are the findings:
*  Immune System is functioning at 92% ~ Was at 67% ~ Improvement: 25%

*  100% of Brain Messages are reaching organs & glands ~ Was at 77% ~ Improvement: 23%

*  100% of Heart Messages are reaching body tissues intact ~ Was at 6% ~ Improvement: 94%

*  Vibration Frequency Level (0-1000) went from 213 to 477.

     That testimonial was a little over a year ago.  While, at the time, I was feeling a lot better, and more at ease, happier, and focused.  I started to notice more joy in my life, and life in general.  I can safely say that those feelings would NOT have entered my life at the Vibration Frequency Level (VFL) of 213!  I’m enjoying life now, and I have Shanie to thank for that.

     Now, Shanie starts her VFL Sessions with me beginning July 20th, 2013, up to the present.  These are her findings:

VFL Session #1 (7-20-13):  Beginning Level: 475 ~ Ending Level: 496
VFL Session #2:(8-17-13)   Beginning Level: 476 ~ Ending Level: 512
VFL Session #3:(9-14-13)   Beginning Level: 504 ~ Ending Level: 523
VFL Session #4:(10-15-13)  Beginning Level: 518 ~ Ending Level: 532
VFL Session #5:(11-12-13)  Beginning Level: 525 ~ Ending Level: 546
VFL Session #6:(12-10-13)  Beginning Level: 539 ~ Ending Level: 552
VFL Session #7:(1-7-14)    Beginning Level: 550 ~ Ending Level: 561
VFL Session #8:(2-14-14)   Beginning Level: 558 ~ Ending Level: 564
VFL Session #9:(3-4-14)    Beginning Level: 561 ~ Ending Level: 568
VFL Session #10:(4-1-14)   Beginning Level: 566 ~ Ending Level: 575
VFL Session #11:(4-29-14)  Beginning Level: 570 ~ Ending Level: 582
VFL Session #12:(5-27-14)  Beginning Level: 579 ~ Ending Level: 591
VFL Session #13:(6-24-14)  Beginning Level: 586 ~ Ending Level: 596
VFL Session #14:(7-22-14)  Beginning Level: 593 ~ Ending Level: 598

     (I want to point out that throughout these VFL Sessions, there were many times I needed to provide Shanie with an “update”.  These updates were typically emotional problems and difficulties in my life at the time, which was under the discretion of Shanie to act on my behalf with a Body Code Session.  Dear Readers:  Shanie has NEVER turned me down or away.  Whenever I had an upset or trauma, she was right there to clear them away so that I’d feel better.  This is the type of service you will receive from Shanie.  She is a professional, a real blessing, and God-Send!)

     A month ago, Shanie sent me, along with her VFL Session results, a brief description of what David Hawkins wrote on the subject of Vibration Level Frequency.  This is what she sent:

“Sadly, the average individual only moves up 5 points in their entire lifetime.  However, a focused effort to move into higher states can lead to incredible leaps of awareness in a relatively short period of time.  Individuals will fluctuate between different points on the scale, but an overall average number can be calculated using Kinesiological Testing.  Briefly, here are the energy levels:

20  = Shame
30  = Guilt
50  = Apathy
75  = Grief
100 = Fear
125 = Desire
150 = Anger
175 = Pride
200 = Courage
250 = Neutrality
310 = Willingness
350 = Acceptance
400 = Reason
500 = Love
540 = Joy
600 = Peace
700-1000 = Enlightenment

     Although Hawkins goes into great detail about the various levels of Consciousness, he points out two turning points as most critical.

     On our scale of consciousness, 2 critical points of major advancement is at 200, which is the ability and willingness to stop blaming and accept responsibility for their own actions.  The 2nd is at 500, which is by accepting Love and nonjudgmental forgiveness as a lifestyle.

     Individuals below 200 are explained as counterproductive to society.  In general, their actions do more harm than good.  Hawkins warns that more than 85% of humans alive today still calibrate below the critical 200 level threshold.

     The collective score sits at 207, because the scale is logarithmic.  Individuals who maintain higher states of awareness counterbalances large number of minds in lower states.

     Although only 4% of individuals alive today have reached the critical energy field of 500.  Individuals in these states have extremely powerful influence on the well being of society as a whole.  In fact, Hawkins points out that only .4% of the population reaches 540, and 1 in 10 million will ever reach the level of 600.  He also points out that there are currently 12 individuals on the planet who calibrate at 700.

     Because of the logarithmically increasing power of individuals at higher states of consciousness, humanity has finally reached a level above the critical threshold of 200.  Hawkins stresses that each individual has the capacity to have significant influence on the well being of society by prioritizing progression of their individual consciousness.

     Below is the counterbalance breakdown:

* 1 individual at 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200

* 1 individual at 600 counterbalances 10 million individuals below level 200

* 1 individual at 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below level 200

* 1 individual at 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below level 200

* 1 individual at 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200

   ** 12 individuals at 700 equals one avatar at level 1000. **


     My Dear Readers:  I want to explain what this means to me, personally. 

     On my last VFL Session with Shanie, she has raised my vibration to 598, which is only 2 points shy of the 600 level mark where I will counterbalance 10 million individuals on this planet!!!  At 598, I believe that’s still the case, but the awesomeness of what this means to me is off the charts!  According to David Hawkins and Shanie, by raising my own vibration to 600, I am now considered “1 in 10 million people”!  I don’t want to use the word “proud”, because that’s an emotion I steer away from, so I’ll use the words “humbly responsible”.  You see, my passion and path is helping and healing others, and I didn’t see myself helping others in my daily day-to-day life.  I felt like I wasn’t doing my part as a Light Worker.  Thanks to Shanie, she has made me realize that even though I don’t go out amongst the people and physically help them, just my presence alone is influencing 10 million people on the planet!  It also means that on a collective level, you, me, and all of those who vibrate over 300 raises the Vibration Level of the entire planet, and that’s exactly what is required to WAKE UP the populations in order to access a reality of Peace, Love, and Abundance For ALL!
     This is why it is so important for you, the reader, to take advantage of Shanie’s good service to humanity.  She will help you not only feel better and help others, but she will bring you great inner peace into your own life, and help you raise your vibration so that we, together, can make a real difference to those who are living below the vibrational level mark of 200.  How cool is that?

     Now, I want to share with you my personal views of how I “feel” at the VFL of 598.
     Wonderful!  Happy!  Joyous!  Peaceful!  Which are emotions that had eluded me before I met Shanie. 
     All my life, I struggled.  I struggled with money, with family, with friends, with people I’ve met, with work, and with society as a whole.  I didn’t fit in, and I was miserable.  Life was not fun.  It was a chore, and most mornings, I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I dreaded it!  The negative emotions I held onto only fed the fire for more of the same.  It was a vicious circle for all the things in my life I didn’t want.  Now, my life has changed, and it has changed for the better this time, thanks to Shanie.  She has changed my life!  As I sit here today typing this testimonial, even though I’m still in a bad, loveless relationship, I still find Joy, Peace, and Love in my life.  With Shanie’s help, she has helped me see and feel all of those things I’ve been missing, whether it be a flock of geese flying by, the clouds in the skies, people walking by, or simply the grand warm feeling of the sun on my face. 

     And, it’s not only that.  There’s more.  So much more.  With the vibration level of 598, I understand more and feel more.  For when One raises their own vibration, truth of what really is comes into view.  Your able to connect to things unseen, like the Universe, the angels, your spirit guides, and the Law Of Attraction.  Your Heart, Mind, and Spirit becomes closer with Our Creator.  You feel safe, and peaceful.  Nothing to fear.  Your knowledge increases, and you begin to realize that all of humanity is connected as One.  You gain knowledge of the flow of life.  No longer am I swimming against the flow, I’m flowing with it, and that, my dear readers, is what brings Joy and Happiness into our lives. 

     Do you now get an inkling of what clearing the Heart Wall and raising your own vibration will do for you?  Of course, it’s not the same for every One.  Each will experience their own realizations.  It’s incredible, though.  If there was ever one thing in my life I ever did right, this was it! 

     Lastly, and this is for Shanie, my gratitude.  How does One express gratitude for such a huge transition?  If it wasn’t for you, Shanie, I’d still be living a dreadful life.  You have raised my vibration from 213 to 598, and I’m in awe of my life now.  I look forward to waking up, in the general sense, and spiritual sense.  My life has new meaning, and everyday I wake up, I’m excited to see what happens next.  Before, it was hard to imagine being happy, but not anymore, and I have the feeling that from here on, it’s only going to get better!  You gave me that, Shanie, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This is truth.  You have given me SOOOO much, and I hope that my testimonial shows my gratitude, and heart-felt thanks. 

     I have no doubt in my mind that you are heaven-sent.  I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and that there are no such thing as coincidences.  For you helping me achieve a status of “1 in 10 Million”, and making a difference, is a plan not known yet.  When I do finally know, and it’s my considered opinion that it will be soon, I bet, miraculously, you will know too.

In closing, quite simply put, if you want YOUR life to improve to where you find Joy, Happiness, and Peace, let Shanie help you.  She knows what she’s doing, and she’s the best Body Code Specialist you’ll ever find.  I know, and this testimonial is proof.

Thank you, Dear Shanie.  I love you.  You are not only my friend, but some One who means the world to me.  You will stay in my heart forever.  I mean that.  You’re the best!

With Love, Light, and Gratitude.
Dianna S.    

ANIMAL CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: AGGRESSION & ARTHRITIS - Recommended 3 Animal Body Code Sessions

Vika seems to be mellowing a little and she is now jumping into the back of the car which she hasn't done for a while. Dorothy xx

CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: ADD, Difficulty in School, Depression (age 8) - Recommended 6 Body Code Sessions

I have started working with Shanie Gaudet last November as I was very worried about my son. I noticed that at the beginning of this school year my son had hard time at school. He didn’t enjoy going there. Teacher constantly complained that he is distracted during class; it is hard for him to focus on the assignment; while doing the assignment he was losing track of it or getting frustration as it was difficult to complete the given task. In addition, he was showing signs of depression. He often was saying that he is stupid, bad boy, etc. Repeatedly says that nobody likes him. He told to his teacher that he hates his life. He says that is he’ll be gone nobody will notice it.  Moreover, during parent teacher interview, his teacher said that she is convinced that my son had ADD. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as my son always was a happy, smart kid.
Through my friend, I’ve found Shanie. Shanie worked on my son remotely using Body Code. My son had many imbalances and Shanie delicately and patiently worked on clearing each one of them. We were able to see results after first month. Teacher’s complains were less frequent. She was giving him “smiley faces” in his agenda almost every day.  I stopped hearing him saying that he can’t or don’t want to do his homework. He stop being hard on himself.  It has been 3 month since we started and I’ve got my happy son back. He is enjoying doing his homework, he even like reading. He is doing great at school. 
We are still using Shanie’s services for Vibrational Frequency Level increase and in order to keep up with our progress.
Thank you very much Shanie for the work you do!!!
Grateful patient,
L.K (Canada)

CLIENT UPDATE January 2014: Suffered from SINUS INFECTION for 8 years and received his last session in May of 2013. It took one month for John to see results with his sinus infection and 6 months later still has no symptoms.

Hi Shanie...just wanted to update u on my health since the last treatment. For one, I lost about 30 lbs and am down to about 190lbs. Within one month of the sessions completion I had a complete clearing of my sinus infection which had a hold on me for 8 years. This was a nasal problem that was stuffed 24/7 for 8 years. The only relief was nasal sprays (1 spray bottle per week). No more!!!! I don't no what to say. Since July 2013, I have also been VERY active in getting my health back, which includes workouts 4 or 5 times a week. My service injuries can't be cured, but health and happiness can and did improve 500% since our sessions. I would like to do more energy healing in the very near future.

Did your energy healing work do the trick? Gee! Let me think! U know I really thought I was healing during the treatments and when it was done everything seemed to go back to where it was before treatment. But within a few weeks after that I started coughing up green globs of mucus for about a week. I felt down because I didn't know that it was my sinus infection draining. Since then...my health has took a 360* turn.

 Thank You John R B. DAV who has made big strides since your work


Since a few days after you have started to work on Samy energetically, he stopped having seizures and as of today (about 2 months later) has not had another seizure anymore. I am so grateful and happy to have my old Samy back. He behaves like a young kitten, although he is 13 years of age now.  And he is very affectionate, as if he wants to thank me for helping him through Shanie. Thank you for everything you are doing for mankind and animals.

Bianca (from Germany)


"I started working with Shanie about a month ago with body code sessions. I have had fibromyalgia for over 19 years and was in pain everyday and night. My everyday life included me basically shuffling around the house instead of walking. My body is still healing but my pain everyday has been cut by about 60% and just keeps improving. I've been sleeping much better too. I have been walking 5 miles a day for the last few days in a row. Just going to the grocery store used to leave me so exhausted that I could barely function or get out of bed the next day. Now I'm able to walk for five miles without even "normal" muscle pain the next day. I can't wait to see what my new life looks like.

I found Shanie to be a joy to work with and her prices are great. I was really pleased with how many issues could be cleared up in just a few sessions. I've been muscle testing for about ten years and I feel that Shanie is really accurate with her testing. Just wish I would've found her sooner."




Hi Ms. Shanie,

I hope you are well. In the aftermath of your heart block-related healings, I continue to feel well emotionally & spiritually. I'm now experiencing contentment & joy, both of which seem rather foreign to me. Please accept my sincere thanks for helping me to heal on multiple levels. Your kindness will always be remembered and I give thanks to God for sending you during my time of heart-break, sadness, self-denigration, anxiety, and so on.
May God bless you and protect you,
Louisville, ky



Dearest Shanie,

     Below is my testimonial of your services for the clearing my Heart-Wall:

(How I felt before the sessions began:)

     The day I took Shanie's  free evaluation, I was experiencing many mental and physical imbalances.  Such as, sharp pains in my heart, heart-aches, uneasiness, anxiousness, and just plain blah.  But, the biggest thing was a feeling like someone was sitting or standing on the core of my body, you know, the place above the stomach and below the chest.  It always felt very heavy, uncomfortable, and noticeable.  Since I believe that all things are possible, and there are no such thing as coincidences and everything happens for a reason, I decided to trust in Shanie's ability to clear my Heart-Wall.  Below are the account of My and Shanie's sessions:

(Session 1 thru 3)
     Day 1's session resulted in the clearing of these following emotions:
(Heartache, Grief, Low Self-esteem, Vulnerability, Self-Abuse, and Vulnerability.)
     Day 2's session resulted in the clearing of these following emotions:
(Effort Unreceived, Vulnerability, Grief and Hopelessness.)
     Day 3's session resulted in the clearing of these following emotions:
(Overwhelm, Confusion, Creative Insecurity, Self-Abuse, Lack of Control, Wishy Washy, Effort Unreceived, Nervousness, Grief and Self-Abuse.)

(I also wish to state that the emotion of "Effort Unreceived" means: "When One's work, achievement, attempts or endeavors are not accepted or recognized; when One's best effort is not considered good enough; a feeling of being unappreciated.  Not feeling approved or validated."  So, Effort Unreceived does not mean that there was no effort received in the actual session by her or me.  Thought it important you know that.)

     During these few days, I have noticed that the sharp pains in my heart is gone, and that my core felt lighter.  The aching in my heart had subsided, and I didn't feel so anxious anymore.  Also, during these sessions, I had noticed that while laying still for her to do her work, I felt "releases", which felt briefly like a euphoria.  It felt wonderful, and I yearned for more!  Quite amazing!

(Session 4 thru 6)
     Day 4's session resulted in the clearing of these following emotions:
(Vulnerability, Grief, Stubbornness, and Confusion.)
     Day 5's session resulted in the clearing of these following emotions:
(Grief, Grief, Vulnerability, Grief, Terror, Stubbornness, and Grief at age 17.)
     Day 6's session resulted in the clearing of these following emotions:
(Taken for Granted, Betrayal, Heartache, Unworthy, Despair and Overwhelm.)
     (I was also informed that I had a Heart-Wall made of Wood)

     I feel those two sessions alone has changed my life.  Not only has the heartaches stopped, but the heavy feeling in my core had vanished!  The anxiousness and nervousness is gone, and I feel "peaceful" inside.  Yet, there's something else.  The emotion of "terror" was released.  This terror was such a deep-seeded emotion that in order to release that myself, I would have had to re-enact it, and unfortunately, was in the process of doing so.  By Shanie releasing of that particular emotion when she did, she allowed me to null & void the need to re-enact the terror, but simply to just let it go, and BE.  My fears are gone, and the feelings of euphoria... well, I'm feeling them more and more each day, and it feels...Outstanding!  Never is my wildest dreams did I ever think I would feel this good!  OMG!

(Session 7)
     Day 7's session resulted in the clearing of these following emotions:
(Grief, Insecurity, Grief, Heartache, Heartache, Despair, Heartache, Despair and Heartache.)

     I feel Lighter, and I feel at Peace.  I feel good physically and I feel good mentally.  Each day from here on, I look forward to each day ahead, instead of waking up to dread them.  The Sun feels good, and my days are brighter.  I actually feel my attitudes changing for the better, and my out-look on life exciting!  It's indescribable of the changes Shanie has given to me.  What a difference and what a Blessing!
     (Shanie has informed me by saying: "Congratulations!  You're Heart-Wall has been cleared."  She has also said that she will do a re-evaluation next week to see how I'm doing.  She is so sweet and caring.  Can't wait!)

 What service!  Shanie has always met her sessions on time, and was so helpful with any questions I've had.  She has worked around my schedule at times, and I've enjoyed each and every email she's sent.  She is attentive, thoughtful, and One can really sense she has a joyous heart.  I believe she's definitely an Earth Angel heaven sent!

(To All Who Read This:)

     I can't begin to tell you how beneficial these sessions would serve All of YOU.  In my opinion, Shanie will not only change your life, but give you a Great Peace.  EVERYONE should have this done, should they have a Heart-Wall or any imbalance of the mind and/or body, and have the desire to improve One's Self. 

(In Closing, My Personal Message To Shanie:)

     Thank you, Dear Shanie.  You have changed my life!  There's no doubt that I was drawn to you, and you to me.  Your healing ability is the direct result of the Love you have for me and others like me.  You have my deepest, profound gratitude for all you've done for me, and I shall never, EVER,  forget you.  I Love You with all of my now healed heart!  
With tears of joy running down my face at this moment.
Thank you!


CLIENT'S SYMPTOMS: PTSD from MILITARY TRAUMA - RECOMMENDED PTSD CLEARING SESSION FOLLOWED BY A HEART-WALL CLEARING (About 20% of my clients experience symptoms of processing after a session and this is a great example.)

1st Update received after clearing two imbalances surrounding PTSD and the first Heart-Wall Clearing Session:

Thank you so much for doing all of this.  I'm not sure I understand everything going on, I've researching a lot via internet and your website.  I was extremely discontent and angry yesterday, it was definitely one of the worst emotional days I've had in a very long time.  I woke up, and felt just emotionally ill.  I'm feeling much better today and scheduled the next session for Thursday.  I saw that only 6% of my heart messages functioning was on the evaluation, and I truly believe that.  I've felt emotionally numb for so long, I'm hoping that will be cleared.  Again, thank you so much and I'm not sure what's going on but I know somethings working.  
2nd Update received after the third Heart-Wall Clearing Session:

Thank you so much! Since our first session, I've actually decided to work on forgiving my father, I broke out in tears on Wed night, it was the first time I've cried in so long I can't even remember.  Thank you so much for all the work you are doing.  God Bless.

3rd Update received after the Heart-Wall Clearing Session:

Thank you so much Shanie!  I feel so great, I've never felt so "light", I feel energetic and amazingly at peace.  You're so great! God is so good to us!! Thank you for all you do and I look forward to my Re-Evaluation.


1st Update
after receiving the Emotion Code & Body Code Session and mid-way through the Heart-Wall Clearing - Hej Shanie, About my heartpain I have it tested with working EKG, no problems. Thanks for the sessions, my heart pain is not so big today. I feel it go smaller earlier today before session. I feel something has happening with mind, I feel stronger, more angry about things, I remember more thinks who happenings with me. Before, I feel this is very important me to go farther in my live, in many ways, spirituel, happynes, m.m. I hope you understand my english is not 100%. With Love, Sven
2nd Update
received after the second to last Heart-Wall Clearing session - Hej Shanie, Thank for the session I feel something happenings with the heartpain, its good. With Love, Sven
3rd Update
received after the Heart-Wall Clearing) Hej Shanie, Thank for your sessions with me, I have no pain in my heart, now, I am very greatful, I can coming back with more feedbak. I have been with a 10 healer (perhapse 40 sessions) this is the first time I feel a differns with mind and my body. Thanks a lot. Now I can go farther my spirit way. With Love, Sven
4th Update
received 3 days after the Heart-Wall Clearing) Hej Shanie, I was out testing my heart with running in the wood, before I just could run 100 meter and then I have to walk, it feels like I get heartattack. Now I can run very longer, without pain, very nice.
Sven from Sweden


*PTSD CLEARING - I haven't felt this good in years. Longer than I can remember. My mood has been awesome and stays elevated and I am just so much more happy now. I just feel better all over. More energy, alert, and a much better outlook on life.
Thanks again,


*2 BODY CODE SESSIONS & HEART-WALL CLEARING - I personally feel a bit of confidence in what ever I do and calm about things, especially what others say about me.
Thank you for your help,


1st update His limping has lessened and he is more active outdoors and back barking as if he is young again, thank you so much.
2nd update - I noticed a change to Boxx, that he is a lot more active and looks healthier too.


*1 BODY CODE SESSION for POST NASAL DRIP/EXCESSIVE MUCOUS - I stand amazed, truly, it is almost gone.  Saturday before I read your email I got up and thought "hmm how strange, no excessive mucous in the back of my throat".  Throughout Saturday and Sunday it was down to zero at times but back up to I would say 5-10%.  Today it's still pretty low hanging in at about 5-10%.  Can I even tell you - I'm amazed, almost no words.  It's a big deal for me because as I mentioned almost 20+ years with the post nasal or excessive mucous on a daily basis has been so frustrating, and contributed to upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, which then triggered the asthma and sore throats and clearing my throat throughout the day.

From 100% - 10% is a huge difference for me. I couldn't stop telling my husband "I can't believe it but I can" over and over yesterday.
Wow, Thank You


I have no words to express the joy and relief that is surging through my body and soul right now. I have always maintained a positive attitude to the outside world but I have had a core despair and sorrow that seemed unshakable until now. I started to feel the joy creep in on Saturday, not knowing that you were working on me then. Today, Tuesday morning, for the first time in what seems forever, that Joy is genuinely in me body & soul. The deep darkness does not exist within me any more. HALLELUJAH! AMEN! CHA-CHANG! I hit the jackpot! My physical being feels lighter. I have lose 3 pounds this week with no effort at all! While I never felt sick, I truly feel extraordinarily well! I wanted to share this with you so that you would know that you efforts are not only extremely appreciated but absolutely fruitful! I know the best for me is yet to come and I am truthful gratefully for being brought to you! There is no one who would not benefit from being in your care! May the all the benevolent powers in the universe keep you safe, for you are sorely needed by all of us!

Hello Shanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Allow me to apologize for writing you on this " day off", if you will. I really don't want to get ahead of myself or be a bit "presumptious but I just MUST report to you that something has DEFINATELY occurred within me in this last hour or so. I actually noticed it before I read the VFL report from you. I have a huge "lightness" in my chest area and somewhat overall my body. It sorta feels like I have just awakened from a Looooooong restless nightmare or something. I don't know if this line of work is my exact calling but I sure would love to take lessons on it, now that I am a believer and recipient of this tremendous work! I actually feel like I have a brand new heart or something!! I don't want to try to analyze it for fear of possibly "screwing things up" for myself however...I KNOW what I'm feeling. It's TOO noticeable to not acknowledge and feel. This almost makes me want to cry also, for some reason. I feel like I have actually been relieved of something and am now feeling a feeling that I have not felt in SOOO  long that I forgot that it was even possible to even feel this way!! (hold on a few minutes. Gotta get myself straightened out real quick)
Ok, that release made me feel even better!! As I was trying to say, if I feel any more better than I feel right now, I would affect everyone within my immeadiate surroundings. I've been doing that for a while now anyway. I can walk past a person or group and they get goosebumps or begin looking around as if to say, "what just happened" or "what was that??"
I'm ready for more, Shanie. When I saw the notes that you wrote at the bottom of my results report and said that you've NEVER did a clearing that large before, something said to me,"That's YOU she's referring to!" I can't thank you enough, Shanie.
(NEXT DAY) Shanie!!! Just about one hour or so ago, while sitting here on my laptop, I had the same feelings not "rush" over me, but rise up, or
better yet, pour through me! It was just like yesterday except that it kept going higher and higher.It sort of felt like my inner child and I were reuniting or some aspect of myself that I had long forgotten, had finally come home. I can't explain it any other way as mere words do it NO justice. I just sat here with it, closed my "water filled" eyes and
decided to just "Be!" I was going to write to you then but I thought I'd wait a while just to see what else would occur... Not
that I was doubting the experience. I know that what you're doing works because I feel the very noticeable effects at times when I'm not even thinking about it. I think what I'm trying to say is that I notice when certain things happen to or around me, I don't seem to react or respond to it the same as before. That's when I realize that something  has taken place on the
inside of me.

*I have been blessed to connect with and experience the work of Shanie and I can tell you that it is just what most of us need in the upcoming days before ascension.
We all know that it is to our benefit to raise our vibrations to the vibration of the Love.  Shanie, one of the few humans on earth who can say she is unconditional love, has been given a simple technique that raises our vibration. She also is able to put in a filter that will keep the Hi-Vibe from dropping. By my personal experience, I can tell you IT WORKS! Personally I have experienced a speedy healing of various physical and emotional issues and a deeper ability to stay relaxed and at peace while chaos goes on around me. My son, Evan, has also been blessed to receive the Hi-Vibe treatments and he is much more happy and balanced.  Our aches and pains are also going away. 


*Shanie did a PTSD Clearing on my partner remotely (we are living in Australia). When she started with the sessions, he was suicidal and would have been admitted to hospital after the weekend (Shanie’s first session was on the Friday). I could feel a change in John’s mood and behavior straight away after the very first session. He started to talk again and wanted to go out of the house. On Monday, when we went to see his psychologist to discuss admission to the hospital, his professor said, that he doesn’t think he was that bad and he was wondering, how John changed that much over the weekend. After every session, Shanie sent me a report and John kept getting better. From just wanting to stay in bed all day, feeling depressed, withdrawn, passive aggressive, negative, an ‘I don’t care attitude’ and being suicidal, I can now see John’s true nature and person again, who is caring, loving, funny, calm, positive and open. Shanie was my last hope, as John and I were very close to separation and I cannot thank her enough for her work, which has changed our misery back to a life.



•I work with animal rescue and recently helped remove over 100 sick, starving, traumatized dogs and cats from the hands of a hoarder. Every animal had been suffering in a crate, in the dark, surrounded by his or her own feces and urine, for a year. A pile of skeletons was found in the back yard. One little poodle couldn’t close her mouth because of such horrid gum disease. Shanie not only helped me get through the nightmare of the smell and the pictures in my mind, but also several of the animals who were suffering so much I thought they might die. A chihuahua who had no hair left due to stress and starvation had lost the will to live. A cat who was giving up….even a donkey and a Belgian mare! All animals are reported to be springing back and learning to enjoy life again! They went from the most serious cases to on the road to recovery, thanks to Shanie! Shanie even picked up on an issue with my neck that causes painful stress related headaches that I never told her about and even though I expected one, I never got one of those painful headaches! When I thanked Shanie, she told me she had tears of joy at the realization she had helped not only me but animals who had given up on life. Thank you Shanie, you are a precious gift to the planet, I will never be able to express my gratitude in words!

Sue R

•I requested Shanie's help with my five year old daughter Tristen. About 2 weeks into the school year, she did not want to attend kindergarten. She would throw tantrums, every morning, before school. Shanie did a session on her and her attitude completely changed. After the session she no longer threw tantrums or gave me trouble getting dressed. Within a couple of days she actually started to like school. The techniques used in these sessions are amazing and very effective.

Thank You, Shanie!
Meagan S.

•I received a Heart Wall Clearing Session from Shanie. Before I had the session, I had a lot of hurtful emotions and my heart had a heavy weighted feeling. After my session, I could tell a tremendous difference and didn't have the heavy weighted feeling anymore. My spirits were lifted because I now had a sense of freedom from emotional setbacks. I also have had several Emotion Code sessions with Shanie where she has released emotional baggage. I will continue to rely on Shanie for more sessions and I highly recommend these session to anyone who has had emotional issues that need to be addressed. This is my testimonial that this works!

Vergie H.

•Shanie has worked on me with Body Code and the Emotion Code. My first sessions were the Emotion Code and she released emotions that helped me tremendously! Losing my father and tragically finding him sent me into an emotional downward spiral. The sessions always helped. I felt a sense of euphoria as she was working on me. And felt peaceful every time during and after a session. Also the Body Code has helped my back problems where no medicine could. I had two bulging disc in my back, which caused pinched nerves and constant muscle pain. After the first session the pain was relieved about 80% immediately and with two more sessions it was eliminated! I have benefited from this help and am very thankful to have something like this in my life!

Sasha S.

•I had 2 sessions for my carpel tunnel symptoms and was very pleased with the results. I had so much pain and tingling in my hand at night that would keep me awake. After the 2 sessions, my pain was gone and I was able to sleep through the night.

Sharah S.

•I have had several sessions with Shanie dealing with a variety of problems. The sessions that have benefited me the most are with trapped emotions that have helped my husband and I with his teenage son. Trapped emotions were a huge problem with dealing with my stepson. It seems to have opened up a wider circle for us to all get along better, which before it was closed. Divorce can be really tough on kids emotionally, and my stepson was holding quite a bit of trapped emotions from the divorce of his parents. I highly recommend all families going through divorce, and with children to have Shanie help heal all the inner damage.

Also, Shanie helped with one of our horses, at one point we didn't think he would recover from his injuries. Shanie was able to help heal him both with the trauma on the inside and outside. I truly believe he lost the will to live and she worked on him for weeks, and now Money is fully recovered and holds his head up high! Thank you so much for all you do!

Francesca W.

•I had one session with Shanie, for my eczema, and within two days it had cleared up!

Rachael H.

*Attention all Military men and women* 
 to those who have served or who are currently serving!
Click here to submit your Client Information.



7th Session

For people who are unable to see connections without physical interaction – who can’t imagine that thoughts can have a real action on physical things, there’s no better proof than what Shanie has done for me! We’ve never met, never touched, I’ve never heard her voice, I have no idea what she looks like and only just now read what state she’s in, I never even gave her my location. Nonetheless, the first email she sent me included information about my condition that I forgot to include, so she apparently went looking for it – and found it! She was dead on! Absolutely correct about information regarding my condition I never gave her, didn’t even give her any info she might have extrapolated the info she got from! I’ve done energy work, but I’ve always had to have my hands ON the person! I’ve been saying for decades that everything is connected to everything else. Shanie has quietly, matter-of-factly handed me incontrovertible proof! And she has done me a lot of good in the process. She’s a generous and gifted lady, and she’s clearly using that gift, or more likely a constellation of gifts, as they were intended to be used: to heal, to clarify, to make whole and healthy. This lady is a real Lightworker!

Thank You Again, Shanie!


8th Session

Thank you, Shanie!

Thought you might like to know that you may have saved me a surgery! I'm missing the C-spinal curve that's supposed to be there, but it was acting as though I had another piece of annulus - the cartilagenous outer covering of the spinal disks between vertebrae - because when I look up or up and left I started losing sensation in my right arm and hand. As of yesterday that stopped happening! And it's been going on for at least eight months. Those disk pieces tend to get wedged into nerve roots - the place where the smaller paraspinal nerves exit from the spinal cord through small openings in the spine between the bones. Several times now they've ended up almost cutting into the nerves, which is, believe me, a whole new world of pain! I've also never had C-Spine surgery before and wasn't looking forward to it. Any time you open the central compartment you're asking for more trouble, but there seemed no alternative - until you did whatever you did and it stopped pressing on that nerve. Well done, and many thanks! You're also more than welcome to use this as a recommendation, testimony or whatever!




1ST Session


At the time of your reading I was driving into the mountains to scout a camping spot for me for next Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th. While driving I was thinking Wow! I feel pretty good, this is not normal. My body felt like it was light and was vibrating. My mind was clear and seemed focused (but I am usually focused when driving). On the way back home time seemed to fly even though I was in a parade of slow cars on windy roads. When I got home your results were waiting for me.

Look forward to the next round.


4th Session


Here are some perceptions: I seem to be more fluid, that is I seem to move easier. I am sleeping well lately! I am more at ease with things around me. But let me say this, I am so weary of this 3D existence and am waiting with anticipation and excitement for the transition to 4D soon! I think, with your help that I am feeling the increase in vibration. With the politics and insanity whirling around and the fear porn being disemanated by the Cabal/NOW trying to push us into submission I am glad it will be over soon.

I appreciate what you have done for me.




1st Session

Hi Shanie!

I must let you know I immediately felt a sense of peace during my appointment time and the rest of the day was rather spectacular! That effect has tapered off as of now, but I feel a marked improvement, overall. I felt the most relief immediately with opening up my heart and being lighter. As of now I feel just a little lighter. I must say I do need the most work with my heart wall. I'm not sure what caused all of it but it is hurting my relationship a lot. Thank you for what you have done and I very much look forward to today's session! Thanks again!




1st Session

Something has definitely been going on with my body, I'm detoxing a bit, having long strange dreams.  Your healing abilities are no doubt having some effects on my physical being and I'm hopeful there will be a healing achievement.

 Thanks for sticking with me and looking forward to your continued success.

 Aloha Nui Loa


2nd Session

Thanks for session 2.  I noted that there was some improvement and I am thankful for that.  Thanks, for pointing out some behavior and energy blockages is due to my Dad's side of family line and clearing that energy blockage.  How many sessions do you expect with me?  I look forward to our next session on Wednesday July 25, 2012 at 1pm your time, I believe 9am my time on Maui, Hawaii. I seem to be a stubborn person in some areas of my being and am not surprised that I seem to be resisting unconsciously.  Consciously I am full go and open for your healing. I could actually feel you working on me last night, I was a little anxious, seemed to have a little trouble falling to sleep (very unusual for me) and had played golf yesterday afternoon and did seem to pick up an allergy from something there that seemed to bother clear easy breathing through my nose a bit laying down sleeping (even though I take a prescribed non-additive nose spray before I go to bed, so I can breathe through my nose good at night while sleeping). The last two nights I have been aware of strange long ongoing dreams (not military related) that seem bizarre and strange. Also, I feel change going on in my body in a good way during the day, making me feel lighter, more appreciative and a bit happier with more hope for a brighter future. Cannot believe your spending all this time on me, for which I am very grateful and hope for a successful conclusion.  I have wishes that your life be blessed.


Quick update, before 3rd session

Something has definitely been going on with my body, I'm detoxing a bit, having long strange dreams.  Your healing abilities are no doubt having some effects on my physical being and I'm hopeful there will be a healing achievement.

 Thanks for sticking with me and looking forward to your continued success.

 Aloha Nui Loa



3rd Session

Thank you for my third session: Seems my resistance is becoming less and you are able to break through somewhat.....please keep up the Tremendous progress!! About 3:30am I awoke last night and really felt like something was happening in my body, like you were doing healing....almost scared me as I felt so vulnerable...like you were actually inside my body and fixing my organs, Kidneys, Prostate etc, very weird experience.??? That was followed by another strange dream. Today I have felt mellow but happy and just content laying low, not doing much of anything. I am a type A and have to be on the move all the time, so somewhat unusual for me, even reading a book, a first for a long time. Also did some light cleaning around the house.


4th Session

Session 4 of July 31st. Investigated Vitamin A....symptoms of dry eyes, skin not as good as I would like, dry mouth at night (I thought caused by BP meds), I seem to fit the profile...Sweet Potato high natural source of Vitamin A, eating a medium sized portion every day. Also, bought a vitamin supplement for eyes, high in Vitamin A. Number 8, concentrating is improving....Yes I believe that is correct...thank God!. Muscles of neck (never had trouble before)....now bothering me a lot for past month and a half....maybe the Vitamin A increase will help with that ....I'm hoping so. Seems like I'm in a deeper sleep, but still filled with weird dreams and sinus still acting up at night where I have trouble breathing easily though my nose...must be connected with an Allergy (which you also mention). No feeling now of anything happening with my organs inside. However, noting a lot of gas in my system (very unusual) and may be an indication of my body detoxing!! Something is happening to my physical body...time will tell if health is improving. BP improving naturally I'm hoping, so can get off all BP meds. Hoping for an improvement in my Kidney function....now about 50%. And of course would love to have my memory back so I would know what happened in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Of course wishing an improvement in PTSD.



5th Session

Session 5. My comments. Sensibility to light, Yes, sometimes more than others. Sinuses 6 of 10 getting better...I'm not noticing this improvement yet. Magnetic field deficiency may be due to us having a QRS pad (we have had this for about 5 years), which I usually lay on for 8 to 24 minutes every day. The only improvement I can detect from laying on this mat, it gives me more flexibility in my body. Meridians in foot, yes recently have been having some strange sensations, soreness certain parts of feet. Repeated Disturbing dreams 5 of 10, yes, bad dreams becoming less and good dreams somewhat taking over...still pretty long vivid dreams however...a couple nights ago, quite sensuous, a lot of kissing but not sexual. Last night long perplexing dream about past business. Good to know that Pancreas is causing Gas in my system which has lessen considerably now.



After 6th Session
Session 6. Concentrating down to 3, hope that is correct….still not remembering as much as I want to but procrastinating less. I noticed this session most are Heart Wall Emotions all sounds somewhat correct. Feeling jumpy down to 4, that is probably correct, do not seem to be reacting as much as before to small things. Still sleeping pretty deep, but still wake up about 2 or 2:30am every night. Still seem to be having too much problems with my neck. Chiropractic sessions do not seem to help. Chiropractic Dr. suggested I have X-rays on my neck and shoulders to see if it shows anything. Shanie hope you and your family are coping well in todays world. Many blessings to you all and thank you for your continued efforts on my behalf. I am forever grateful!

After 7th Session
Thanks for your continued efforts on my behalf.  According to session 7, Yes I agree that 1, 3 and 4 are improving.  However Sinuses still a issue at night (No problem at all in daytime) and worst when I’m laying face down, like on a massage table (it is miserable for me to get a massage because my Sinuses are running and I’m miserable). My neck and shoulders  are still bothering me, but for some reason, I believe they will get better in the very near future….I feel something good is about to happen to my overall health.  It could all be your intervention with my energy field Shanie.  I will keep you posted.  I believe during your next healing session we will have a break through.
Blessings, Light and Comfort

After 8th Session
Thank you for all your hard work and transitioning of my organs and body into a renovated remake. As everyone knows, we have new cells about every 30 days, why not replace the old with new reenergized healthy cells and organs, processed and manipulated by no one other than yours truly “Shanie” You are almost a Miracle worker. I cannot wait until my next visit to the Doctors office, to see if my Phobia is gone, Blood Pressure always much higher there. Also, looking forward to new Labs to see improvements in my Kidney and other body functions. Even my skin is getting softer and healthier. I am almost glowing with improvement. My mind is getting sharper and smarter. I feel better and look better. I’m more serene, positive and happy. And my sleep is deeper and I do not wake up as often.
The old adage that “We are nothing more or less than our belief system”, is not quite correct. It seems each of us are much more than what we believe ourselves to be, as a matter of fact, we cannot even imagine how great we are, we are unlimited!
Thank you Shanie for all your Gifts of Good health and sound mind. A physical and emotional overhaul like I am receiving would be worthy of every sentient being in the physical realm!!

Client #5 – CATHY
After 3rd Session
Thank you so much for your work!
Last Friday I was able to be motivated to drink more pure water and stick with it. I felt the urge to get some glass bottles and fill them with water to keep in my fridge. I have found a schedule that works for me to drink between 5 & 6 13oz bottles each day throughout the day. I only drink the water for my fluid intake and have stopped drinking the sweet tea that I love so that I can feel better. Since that time I have slept SO MUCH better at night without taking the melatonin that I had been doing. I think being open to your process has given me the courage to notice and act on these inner directives. My body has been feeling much better (even before the water intake) and now I am working on some relationship issues that I have put off forever! It is amazing how knowing someone is on your side and working with you to help your body heal in every way.
I appreciate your work for me.

After 5th Session
Thank you, Shanie!
Since our last session I have been drinking more water and taking the Vitamin C as suggested. My husband and I went away for my birthday Sunday and Monday.  Just prior we had “cleared the air” about a few things I had not told him about (feelings regarding him and our relationship) so our time together away was so much more pleasant!  He shared with me some things that I had longed to hear and told/showed him how grateful I was for it. I feel much better in the “feelings of doom” department and I believe your sessions were the catalyst for that.  I am feeling more appreciated by him and that seemed to be a stuck place for a long while. Today I go for some blood tests from a physical I had yesterday.  We will see what that shows up in the physical in my body.  I have bloating and some incontinence so he put me on some probiotics and changed my High BP meds to one without the diuretic. This should help while I get to the emotional issues attached to these.

After 6th Session
Thank you, Shanie!
I got the results back from my blood tests. Everything looks good! Cholesterol, CBC, Triglycerides, Blood Glucose (86), liver function, kidney function all within normal limits and some exceptionally good. The probiotics made me feel worse but I am thinking it may be due to gluten sensitivity. I will try a few days with out that and see. Blood pressure is pretty good on the new meds but I would dearly love to not have to take them! Have gained a bit of weight, could be due to water retention since I am no longer on a diuretic. I have also had a cold the last few days. You were right about my immunity being low. I have been under some stress with my husband and his work situation.
A very good thing happened for which I am ever so grateful! We had a terrible storm last Thursday with a power outage for over an hour. The thunder was awful and would have normally sent me into a panic. After it was over I realized I was not shaking or even jittery as was my normal state in this circumstance! The loud noises didn’t bother me! Yahoo!

Vet #6 – ZACK
After 1ST Session
Hello Shanie,
I must say I was absolutely blown away with the accuracy of the findings you were able to discover. My parents divorced when I was 12 years old, at that time my mother wasn’t around very much and I felt very abandoned. Also at age 21-22 was when I was released from the military, I had a very hard time dealing with that. Reading the results of what you found had a big impact on me and made me cry a bit! I can say that the thought of not wanting to live has not bothered me since the session, and I am very, very grateful for that and you. I feel a bit more in control of my thoughts. As for the numbers on my 4 listed complaints, I can take them all down at least by one number. Depression, down by 2. I am looking very, very forward to tomorrow’s session as I felt a very calmed sense of being after the first session.
Thank you so much for everything you are doing for me, I am very, very grateful!

After 3rd Session
Hi Shanie,
I hope every single soldier that finds your site contacts you and requests your assistance. I am doing quite a bit better since the second session, and I am feeling about right in line with the numbers that you have placed at the end of our last session. I am still a bit troubled in some areas, communication/social communication, but all around I can certainly feel a great difference from before I contacted you until now. I noticed the results from the last said at 9 CST, I got up that morning and was meditating during that time to hopefully open up to more of the healing and clearing. I am so very grateful for you and your time you have spent with me, I feel I have made so much progress in many areas and I am quite thankful 
Sincerely… very sincerely,

After 5th Session
Hi Shanie!
Well, I continue to be completely blown away with the accuracy of the things you are finding in our sessions. You are truly amazing and I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and the continuous work you are doing! I have improved drastically in many areas and I have quite a bit more energy than ever before., I am very blessed to have found you and the work you do. Thank you Shanie, from the top of my heart  Your last session was awesome.. I recently started attempting to run again and my back has felt the impact of these activities lol.. you were very very spot on. I would say I feel the same as your numbers from the last session, except for still a bit of anxiety (but only in certain situations, like when I get to class). Back pain is still present but I believe I have been aggravating it by running, but it felt really good to be able to run again! I actually have some very interesting news for you too! I talked to my father about you and what you are doing for me…. I believe he needs your assistance quite a bit… he has been active duty military for around 33 years..he just sent you the first form on the SoldierHugs website. I can’t wait for you to completely blow him away with your abilities!!!
Thank you very much Shanie.

After 7th Session
Thank you Shanie! I am finding myself feeling better and better these days and am looking forward to progressing onwards! I completely agree with the numbers from the last session, and would like to thank you again for all of your help and assistance with me!
Thank you so very much!

Vet #7 – WILLIAM
After 1ST Session
Once again thank you for the help you are giving. It is much needed and appreciated so much more than words can convey. I do feel as if the anger has subsided some, and I am not as panicky as usual recently, which I am taking a homeopathic remedy to help with as well. As far as the depression, it isn’t just military experience related, it’s just life in general, and I know it’s tough for everybody out there. It’s really hard making ends meet and trying to keep creditors off my back, but I am feeling as if a weight is being lifted. I definitely have positive expectations for the next session and beyond.
With Great Respect and Appreciation,

After 2nd Session
I am definitely feeling clearer and less weighty. I seem to be able to stay more relaxed for longer as well. I can’t exactly Shanie, describe the feeling I am getting, but the more I start feeling this way the happier and excited I become about this process working for me.
Many Wonderful Thanks,

After 3rd Session

I am seeing things clearer and easier. Numbers are very auspicious to me, and the other day I saw a 55555 combination. Just this morning I saw a hit counter dead on 1000, plus a few other clock coincidences. That tells me that things are progressing in a positive way. I’m not sure if there is a specific meaning to each specific number, but when I see combinations like that I definitely take stock of everything happening. Right now I think it’s more of a knowing that blocks and walls are clearing than it is a feeling.
Looking forward to tomorrow!

After 5th Session

Once again, thank you for your wonderful work. I have been feeling a noticeable decrease in stress and worry. I always seem to have something to worry about, but lately I think of things and just keep my attention on the details I need to sort out instead of worry about how everything is going to come together. I feel that my issues from my military experiences are behind me. What a relief. I feel like I can find myself again and grow forward in new ways. I hope this feeling never ends.

After 7th Session
I have been paying a lot of attention to my feelings lately and I am noticing that I am able to relax a lot more easily and effortlessly as well as getting better sleep. The unexpected passing of my uncle while I was on vacation has been upsetting, especially since I made it a point to try and see him before I have to fly back home, but I have been able to handle the sudden change of plans well. I feel better about myself and more confident. I do have several day to day issues that I am dealing with such as money, bad credit, creditors hounding me, etc., but I have been able to handle these issues with a lot more clarity, focus, and peace of mind. I am more settled and relaxed and not as worrisome. This is a great feeling; a feeling like I am coming home in a sort of way.
Thank you again for your wonderful work.

Vet #8 – LATASHA
After 1ST Session
I am truly impressed by your gift to be able to comprehend these things spiritually. I thank-you for showing me what I can’t hear my body and spirit calling out to me. I believe in this experience, and I want to do everything I can to help myself as well as others to adhere to what we all truly need. I am so interested in furthering my experience with this in every way imaginable. Can u please direct me to ways in which I can be of service to these and other ways of natural experiences, that may help myself and others in our journey to wholeness.

After 5th  and FINAL Session
Hey Shanie! Thank-you for all of your time and evaluation. I must say that I do feel better over all, and I’ve actually been experiencing an overall transformation from day one of our sessions. Everything you found is very much so related to my past and present in very relevant ways. Since the sessions are complete (and I would definitely like to continue this process of natural healing), how do I continue sessions?

Vet #9 – Jay
After 1st Session
Hi Shanie!
Thank you for that session! Before our scheduled appointment time, I sat down for meditation, within 10 minutes, I knew you connected to me energetically! I definitely felt my heart space throbbing and energies were moving in a circular motion, I was actually very tense during the entire period which lasted about 40-50mins, I think there was/is a big blockage in my heart. I was anticipating my heart bursting open and it reached a peak level but did not open as I had hoped. I hope we can continue this work! Thank you so much Shanie! Was the emotion shame completely removed? I do sure hope by the time PTSD reaches a 0 severity, my heartwall, will also have been removed, because I surely can’t afford to pay for the wonderful healing services that you offer. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for helping us Veterans with this wonderful self-less service.
Lots of love,

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PHYSICAL ISSUES (ex. pain, sores, acne, scars, etc.)
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