Your free Body Code Initial Evaluation will include: the percentage of the total capability of what your immune system is functioning at, the percentage of brain messages that are reaching organs & glands intact, the percentage of Heart messages that are reaching body tissues intact (will indicate if you have a Heart-Wall), and pathogen energies (viral, fungal, parasitic, bacterial, mold), any toxicity energies (heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, etc.), and nutritional needs that need to be determined, organs or glands that are imbalanced, your vibrational frequency level on a scale of 0-1000 and recommendation on the type and estimated number of sessions that your body would benefit from receiving, before another evaluation.

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The sessions provided should not be accepted for professional advice or treatment. All sessions will be presented in good faith. The accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any session herein cannot be guaranteed. We strongly advise that you seek medical advice from your medical practitioner as appropriate before making any health decisions. The information provided with sessions is not a substitute for medical care, diagnosis, or treatment. Sessions should not be considered as a replacement for consultation with a health care professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your health care provider.

Quantum Wellness makes no claims regarding healing or recovery from any illness. In approximately 20% of sessions, the release of trapped emotion(s) or other energy(s) may result in "processing," where echoes of the emotion(s) or other energy(s) released may manifest in temporary physical or emotional discomfort, and that this "processing" appears to be a normal part of regaining energetic balance. Any suggestions regarding supplementation of any kind, such as vitamins, minerals, herbal preparation, or any compounds or any other external remedy of any kind, that you use or ingest any such at your own risk, with the recommendation that you seek the advice of a physician before using any remedy suggested. By submitting this disclaimer, you consent, in the event of a dispute or disagreement, that you understand the contents of this disclaimer and that Quantum Wellness accepts no responsibility or liability for both the use of the information provided and information provided with sessions. I agree to have my PMA Health Care Provider, Shanie L. Gaudet-Carline register me with the PMA's Member Share Agreement PMA's Information Disclaimer.


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